Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Calgon! Take me away!!!

Anyone remember those famous words! Well I do and they sure are ringing true this week! So much going on I won't even try to blog about it....But what I really want to be doing is using my new sewing machine and working out the kinks as a new, very grateful (thanks mom), completely excited, yet overwhelmed crafter. Yes. I call myself a crafter. I have soooo many projects in my head and not all of them have to do with sewing. But jeeze, really, when do you all have the time.....I am so exhausted by the end of the day (kids, work, homework, meals, dog) I am left in a big heap of bones in a bag on my bed staring at my sewing machine and whispering, "I haven't forgotten about you." How sad is that? So not only do I want Calgon to take me away, I want it to be farther than the bath tub, and for about a week so I can do some sewing, maybe some scrapbooking too.

Ok. Selfish me is done. I'll continue with my work, go get my adorable children from school, get them ready for their events tonight (cause they both have to have something on the same night), be extremely excited that the husband is coming home tonight, in the midst of all this not forget that Ginger is a puppy (cute as can be cause she got a bath last night) and can't open doors so she has to be taken out to potty; and do it all again tomorrow while still contemplating the whole Calgon thing.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Winner Winner Winner

I am the proud of owner of the scrap bag that my sister gave away on her blog. And no it was not rigged. But it might seem that way only because I just got a brand new sewing machine today and I also won the scrap catcher.....someone thinks I'm special! Can't wait to use them both and make more of these wonderful ideas that I see my sis post all the time! Trust me I will put them both to good use! Yippee!!!!!