Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ok 2009 is a few short hours from beginnings....sometimes this is good, but I have to say that '09 was not a "bad" year for us. We had 3 major things, ok, 2 major things for the family and depending on my mood, 4 major things for me...take your pick...

We got my beloved Ginger.

I got my beloved iphone.

We got our beloved new home.

Gracie turned 10. Yep, 10.

Logan turned 7. Yeah, I know, 7. (he'll be 8 in a few short weeks)


I saw Rob Thomas in concert. Really. Need I say more?

Moving on to 2010. Wow. 2010. Sounds so, I don't know, sci-fi?

Here's to making it great! B:)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I know I have said this before, but I AM BUSY! And right now, I l.o.v.e. this kind of I thought I would share my schedule just for today...ready. set. go....Wake up 6:45am...Heck, the kids are still asleep and need to catch bus for school by 7:30...WAKE UP, GET DRESSED, don't forget to BRUSH YOUR TEETH...6:55am, turn on Christmas Tree lights (cause that's how I roll) and make another effort to get Logan out of bed (btw he is up at the crack of dawn on the weekends without help, hmmm)...7:05 Grace is having trouble with her contacts (usually doesn't require my help at all, but because we are running late, hmmm....) Anyways...contacts in, go get breakfast (ummm, yeah it is ALWAYS a pop tart, I am not June Cleaver and have never claimed to be, judge not!) LOGAN!!!! are you dressed yet, it's 7:20....crap, dog (my beloved Ginger) biting on my slippers, forgot to let her out this morning....7:25 dog pottied (outside thankfully), kids are at bustop (right outside our front gate, thankfully)

7:35 - hit the shower, no coffee yet....
8:15 chase dog around house, try to catch her to put her in her special kennel for the duration of my short workday today...
8:30 still chasing dog while answering phone call from out of town hubby
8:31 tell hubby what my morning has been like all while still chasing dog
8:35 off of phone, caught dog, found keys and in the car
9:00am at work, busy time of year for me at work while everyone else stares at me like I am an alien and I don't know what time of the year it is and then make their best effort to tell me that I should SLOW down and try to enjoy the season, hmmmm....I am and expert these days at self control...

11:30 meeting with not so bright salesman who apparently can't read our NO SOLICITING sign...more self control....
12:38 blogging about my busy day:)

2pm kids will be home, they will get 10 minutes to rest and put their backpacks away while I let the dog out and then....

Because I l.o.v.e to be busy, I will be off to the craft store to pick up fabric pens for a project in Logan's class tomorrow (I am his room mom), buy cookies for his party, put together goodie bags for his party, make snowballs for his party, buy teacher gift from the kids to the teacher for his party, and then go to his Christmas performance at 6:15 ....

Fun, eh?

Not to mention, I get to do what I l.o.v.e. over again on Friday for Grace!

I think I'll set my clock and get up on time...

Holiday Giveaway!

No, not something of mine...(trust me there isn't anything I have you would want), but go to this blog and check out this classic piece! Enter her giveaway!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Joys of the Season

***Edited to join a party at Thrifty Decor's place! My pics are not the best, but I love the way my house looks right now

Hey all! I warned you that I would be posting a lot this month, so catch up!

Anyway, I have been looking around my house and I think I might have misinterpreted the way my house now looks. I wrote that it looks a lot more cluttered with the Christmas decor, in essence it really feels a lot more COZY! Yeah, that was the word I was looking for...I don't think that pictures can really say all that, but you know I am gonna post them anyway! Ha! I came to this conclusion about 11pm last night while I was sippin' on some wine and fillin' out the Christmas cards, all while watching White Christmas...don't judge. You know you have done this. Maybe not the wine part, but replace that with hot cocoa or your drink of choice! Although, doing it this way takes a wee bit longer cause about 1/4 of the way through... the wine kicks in and the bed starts calling...get my drift? Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 7, 2009

your wish is my command

Some of you have requested pics of "the house" and I am not one to dissappoint! So. Your wish is my command....this is the outside after (maybe during) we painted it from yellow to Dolphin it's not purple. Don't laugh Carrie. We put on shutters (black ones) and I can't find the pics of that...but guess what? when I do, I'll post 'em! How's that for gratification!!

The kitchen (yes that is a crock pot and it is in use, do believe it's a tri-tip-soon-soon-to-be-burritos), the living room, and the dining room (the rug is not pink, don't know why it looks like that in pics). So there you go...little by little decorating and living, decorating and living. It's been 5 months. It looks a lot more "cluttered" with the Christmas decorations in place...I'll post those pics later! ;)


Hey all! Guess what got forecast? No. Really. Guess...SNOW! Now, to some of you that is not amazing, but to all of us Californians that live in the Valley know that this does not happen...ever...So imagine our excitement if you can, cause we generally have to drive about 2 hours, up the winding hills, get car sick and by that time, who really can enjoy it. Yes, it will melt as soon as is hits the ground, but we don't's SNOW!

I am especially excited, cause if it happens, my nephew Luke, will get his wish! He's too young to understand why we don't get snow here every winter and now this might confuse him even more, but I bet his eyes will be wide with the thrill of it!

Do you remember when you first saw snow?