Thursday, March 6, 2014

Whoa! 2011 Really?

Wow - the blogging world has changed and I am feelin' like a newbie...guess I kinda am since I haven't posted since 2011! What can I say? Life happened and time does not stop...I know that is not news to anyone reading this but, I think it's time to use this site as an outlet for all things. Creativity, stress relief, kids milestones, family life, decorating redos and anything else that strikes me as bloggable. (is that a word? did I spell that right?) other words....I'm Back! :)

So, the kids have grown. So when I say grown, I mean they are taller than me. And that makes it difficult for me to discipline when they are eye level. Feel like I'm talking to an adult. Hmmm. Who knew. (My mom did, she's been there, done that.) They are both very much into soccer and searching out colleges. What?!? Yes, but here comes the tricky part, our son is a 6th grader (heading to Jr. High in the Fall) and our daughter is in High School (heading into her sophmore year in the Fall). When did this happen? While I was watching. I love seeing them experience things and come "into their own." They both have had issues to deal with, whether it was friends or grades or teachers or coaches, they have handled most things on their own. I hope that means that we are doing our parenting well. Time will tell. Love them like no other.

On another topic, I turned 40 last year. :/ Yeah, not what I expected, but not bad. Husband threw a surprise party and I was completely surprised. Still not sure how he pulled that off but I know he had help. (sisters) Anyway, my next birthday is a few months away and I will live in the 40's for a while and fight the 50's every step of the way.

Husband is well, working hard to provide for us and we love him for it. And of course, for all he does for us. He, coincidentally, is 43 today. Whew. Again, where does that time think it's flying to? Definitely getting away from me.

So here I am, ready to accept that I need to use blogging as an outlet and hope that I can rekindle some of those blogging relationships. Chaos is optional, but always ensues. B:)