Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Pretty uneventful morning, so I thought I would wish everyone a Merry Christmas and if I don't see or talk to you, Happy New Year as well. I know everyone is in the middle of their "hustle and bustle," but I want to remind you to stop for a few minutes and remember what CHRISTmas is all about. Remind your children. Our Saviour (mine, yours, and theirs) was born.

love to all


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

random thoughts

So I am really, no I mean really busy at work, (I know what you are thinking, "why is she blogging then?"). Honestly, I am sooo tired I can't even put two sentences together. Why is she tired? you ask. Well for starters I had a pretty intense weekend, fun, but busy. Had a great time on Saturday night by the way. Ruth Chris' Steakhouse, in a word, FABULOUS. The company was excellent (hubby and 4 of our best pals) and the food was outstanding. Anyway, I digress, when I have a really busy couple of days and then the husband snores so loudly I can still here him when I am on the couch, yeah that spells exhaustion for me....not to mention I am now half way through my list (see previous post) and I don't feel like I have even made a dent.

So, I am now trying to work sleep deprived and let me tell you it takes me twice as long to get anything done because I keep having to do things over that I thought I did right the first time. I know I am going to be like this all week (it takes me a really long time to catch up on sleep....and for those of you that know me well, you know the reason). So these random thoughts keep coming into play, like where I would rather be or I should be recounting "my list" or trying to decide which flavor of coffee I need. Yes, need. I don't usually day dream about napping, but right now, I wish I was in my bed (not going to happen, but a girl can dream) cuddled with my blankie (yes, I have a blankie, my sister made it for me) and a quiet house (kids are still in school). Anyway, like I said, random thoughts.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

my list

So, I was sitting and thinking of all the things I have left to do before the BIG DAY! You know, Christmas Day? Yeah, and I can't believe that my list actually requires more days than are left! I have to cut some things out! How does that happen? In an effort to try and blame someone else for all the things I have left to do, I thought I would show ya'll my list and see which one you think I should cut out and then I can blame you for it! Anyone game?

my list

pick up kids
pick up Christmas cards
Address Christmas cards
Mail Christmas cards
go to moms to get Christmas decorations (yeah!)
go to a mothers tea
go to mother/son dance
take Logan to b-day party
take kids to mom and dads
go to adult only! Christmas party
bake cookies
wrap presents
shop for presents
wrap presents
do art project with kids
have mammogram (yes, you read that right, not happy about this one at all, but it made the list)
go to Logan's class party
go to Logan's Christmas program
go to Grace's basketball game
go to Grace's class party
go to Grace's Christmas program
go to in-laws Christmas party
take walk with kids to look at Christmas lights
spend time with the family and Husband (almost forgot.....almost!)
go to mom and dad's for Christmas Eve

Whew! And I have only two kids! Am I forgetting anything? I am sure I will be adding to this list as the days progress. There is no way to cut anthing out....I would be way too sad if I missed any of it! Who said hustle and bustle isn't fun! Love it......Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 5, 2008

ever need this?

So, here comes my "mushy/softer side." I am having one of those days that makes me feel like the world is not only working against me, but it is actually trying to squash me into oblivion.....and then, I got a phone call from my husband just to tell me he is glad to be home and that he really missed me this week. Now normally, I would chalk up those kinds of comments to the never ending, raging, teenage hormone that never seems to leave a man's body, but today, it was just what I needed to hear.....which after hanging up the phone, sent me straight to the nearest mirror to make sure my mascara wasn't smudged from the tears.....I know, you didn't know I was that soft.....but, man, did I ever need that today.......

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ok so Gracie had her end-of-the-season soccer party last night. A lot of fun, but imagine a birthday style party at Pump It Up....times 5. All the girls on her team (that would be 13 of them) plus their siblings and their parents....ok maybe a little chaos there.....but, again, fun! Now imagine during this time your husband calls you on your cell phone (yes, he is out of town, again) and tells you something about "fire....trailer....refrigerator." Does that raise any red flags for you? Well, yes, it did me too.....But when I tried to figure out what he was talking about, he of course got frustrated that I couldn't hear him and had to keep yelling into the phone "huh?" He hung up....

At that point I decided to try and figure it out on my own....was he stuck in traffic from a refrigerated tractor trailor catching on fire, or maybe he was behind a trailor with a refrigerator in the back and they were all waiting for the get the scenarios that were going through my head?

Anyway, the party was over in about 20 minutes and of course we had a 10 minute drive home and everyone needed to bathe, and by that time I had somewhat forgotten about the phone call and needed to let Logan do his nightly "reading" homework, so I was still a little time away from getting to get the real story. And at this point Greg had not called back yet. Now in my family, we have always been told, "No news is good news." I kinda have to live by that motto since he is out of town so often and as much as I didn't understand that when I was little, I completely understand it now....

So the teeth are brushed, the baths are done and the "reading" homework is complete too. Prayers are prayed and kisses given. Lights out.

I get online to place my grocery order (which by the way I cancelled cause they couldn't deliver it today and today is the only day I would be home long enough to accept delivery; drama) when the phone rings and it's Greg. So he doesn't mention the trailor, fire, refrigerator. We continue to have conversation about the party, the events from the day and the events to come for the rest of the week. As we are just about to get off the phone, I remember. "Oh, Hey, what's with the trailor, fire, refrigerator thing?"

This was just as anticlimactic for me as it is going to be for you. There might be a recall on our travel trailor's refrigerator that could lead to a fire hazard. That's all. So since my parents got one on their trailor and my brother got one for his too, Greg wanted to see if we got one. And of course he wanted to know at that very moment of the original phone call at the soccer party with 30 + screamin' kids and adults.

Ever have one of those "that's it" "that's all" "you made me panic for nothing" moments that left you with nothing to say but "huh?"

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Chaos is here!

Ok - so no photos yet.....I am getting there.....patience friends! Anyway, so I know I said I LOVE Christmas....well I wasn't fibbing! The hubby (aka Greggor) retrieved all of my Christmas stash from the attic and then proceeded to retrieve another 11 boxes that came from his grandmother's house! As soon as it was all down, he wanted to know when he could put all the empty boxes away! Yes - overwhelming, Yes - the kids wanted to do the tree first, Yes - Greg wanted to get it all done in a two hour time, Yes - I left and went to my mom's. But wait....I went there to turn her house into a Christmas wonderland! Which I love to do with my sister (aka....brat). I don't remember ever being able to decorate mom's house without Carrie being preggo??? Must just be my imagination! ;)

I thought I was in the mood this weekend to do all of this, until I felt so incredibly rushed....(again, here comes time flying). There has to be a way to slow down and enjoy celebrating Christ's birth right... Not that I don't like "hustle and bustle," I just don't feel that way right now....Any suggestions?

I am trying not to kick my husband out the door this week. And for those of you that don't know, my husband works out of town most of the week and the only reason that I am pushing him out the door today is so that he can, by some miracle, avoid the FOG that blankets the 99 corridor....of which he travels daily. No really. I'm totally serious, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

The kids are back to school this morning after being on Thanksgiving break. Of course in three, (count them) 3 weeks they will be off again for 2 weeks. Glad to send them back, even though we had an awesome week. There towards the end of they're break from school they were kind of melancholy knowing they were going back to school and, of course, once they got there and saw all of the friends that they somehow, amazingly, forgot they had, they were all smiles. Of course, we (the best parents ever (please note the sarcasim here) are pretty cool to hang with too....sometimes. Anyways, we got through vacation with only one child getting sick and I think that is a record. I am praying that for the next vacation coming (you know the one in 3 weeks, not that I am counting) we will have nothing but pure bliss.....stay tuned. :)