Thursday, July 2, 2009


I know you all have been waiting, and quite patiently I might add, to see the pics of the inside of our new home. However, I have been busy! Celebrating my Gracie's 10th birthday (Happy Birthday Baby Girl!) and I also have been super busy packing the house (yuck! I l.o.a.t.h.e. packing), helping sell fireworks for our local soccer club (come by and see me this Saturday, Willow/Peach), working (of course my mind wanders to our new home - a.l.o.t.), trying to pick our new flooring (we have been at odds (the husband and I) over color and quality - ummm, on a side note I will win, I always do, but in a way that makes us both happy!) I also have had to pick paint colors and get bids from painters for the inside and outside of the house.....I am sticking with yellow for the house and changing the shutters to white instead of hunter green! and I am also left to patiently wait for escrow to close so that I can go take some fancy schmancy pics for ya'll....thanks for your patience, mine is quite thin right now!

Have a great 4th of July and don't forget our troops and all they fight for! God Bless America :)