Friday, February 27, 2009


Well, finally, we can say WELCOME TO THE CLUB.....the 30's! Happy Birthday to my Favorite Sister!!!! She is truly a beloved sister, confidant, extra shoulder, and super mom to 4, count them 4, of my nephews and niece! Love them all. Much Love.....B

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Just call me "RoadRunner!" and don't forget the "beep-beep!" Cause if you are in my way today you might get run over! J/K - I am only posting this cause my sister, aka Carrie, thinks that I would have time to post pictures on my blog today and then in some mysterious manner "tag" someone else to do the same. As if anyone reads my blog besides her. It really is my outlet. Whether, exciting, sad, funny, frustrating, or just plain dumb....I blog about it. Anyway, I digress, my day is over packed, yet again. Got the kids off to school and me off to work and I have to pick them up early from their "Good News Club" because Ginger has a vet appt at 3:30, mind you not to terribly crazy yet. Then I got the phone call last night that Logan starts baseball Seriously, thanks for the warning. Ok. No so bad. Oh wait, baseball practice is at 4:15, you do the math on my time frame to get the puppy to the vet and back in time to get Logan to baseball. Practice goes until 5:15. Here's the kicker. I have to get them (Grace, Logan and Ginger) home after baseball, feed them dinner, check their homework and take Ginger out to potty before I have to leave at 6pm to go to the "You are Changing" movie preview that the 4th grade girls are going to see next week and that I would in NO way allow Grace to see it before I have a chance to edit it or exnay it altogether, comprende? Ok you do the math and let me know if I have time to post a picture.....maybe tomorrow. Whew! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Young at Heart

So let me just say.....I am young at heart and stupid in the head. My three day weekend alone with my Grace was great, don't get me wrong, but I did a really uncharacteristic, crazy, dumb, get your head out of the clouds,thing. I took her to Sierra Summit, put her in ski lessons and then took snowboarding lessons for, tell me that wasn't crazy. I hurt everywhere. Sunday night I couldn't walk. Monday, I hobbled. Today, it hurts to grip a pecil and sign my name. Wow, I did the splits for the first time since High School. I have a bruises that I never felt coming. But......I had sooooo much fun! I laughed at myself and my Grace took to skiing like a fish takes to water. She was so amazing. Skiing circles around me when I was on the ground trying to catch my breath. She made it look soooo easy. Of course, she is 9, I am a lot older than that, but man was it fun. I highly recommend trying snowboarding....will I go back? For sure because my head doesn't communicate all that well with my heart and my heart tells me to do it again! Am I proud to be "young at heart?" .....Yep! Love it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pure Sadness

Ok - I am sooooo sad right now. My computer that holds all and I mean all of my photos CRASHED! I know you all feel my pain right now. I am over a year behind on printing my digital photos and now ...... oh the drama. There is some light to look forward to.....My favorite brother in law is a computer genious and is going to do his best to try and retrieve them for me!:) But until then, I wait anxiously and completely blame myself because I don't know how many times I told myself that I was going to back up my photos on their own hard drive and didn't do it. Let alone print them out. This is totally what I get for putting my favorite, non selfish (cause it involves doing something for my family, yet releaves my stress levels at the same time), under rated hobby on the back burner of my life! If my favorite (no pressure here) brother in law can't retrieve them; pure sadness will ensue......:(