Monday, August 2, 2010


Ok. So I have seen these from a distance...fell in love and now I want one. You know. To get my craft on. Go here to check it out and enter the giveaway sat Infarrantly that long lost sister of mine!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Music, movies and TV

OH! How I love me some good music, movies and even some TV! So from time to time I think I have given an opinion or two about these topics...So I have learned that "Pirates 4" is coming out in May of 2011 and I saw a teaser trailer featuring "Captain Jack," so I thought I would pass it here you go!

BTW - I am a huge fan of the "Pirates" movies...all of them....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Repurposed Footboard...

So guess what I finally made after about 5 years of storing a footboard! A really, really cute bench! Here's the history. We purchased new furniture for our daughter after my son grew out of his crib and needed a big boy bed. We figured it was perfect timing for our daughter and so off to Pier One we went (I was already stalking what I wanted to get her, it was just time to convince the hubby! :). Anyway, the footboard was just a little too much for her room and we decided to hold on to it instead of returning it. So, fast foward to our move about a year ago when the husband finally insisted that we no longer needed it and then the wheels were turning in my head as to how to save it...It really turned into a rescue project on my part...Now all I needed was a makeshift bench, so off to the hardware store I went and returnd with a 12 foot piece of pine and some angle bracket thingys (yes. that is techinically what I call them). I cut it in half and used one half for the seat...enter the husband and his brilliant idea on how to attach the bench to the footboard...and TA DA! A cute, wait, I mean completely adorable, better than I imagined, happy it turned out, saved from the trash...porch seating was born....what do you think!?!

What a cute puppy! Whose is that anyway!? (Ginger's modeling debut, a star is born!)

The Girl Creative

Friday, April 23, 2010

Torn for Time

I can't believe I haven't posted in 2, count them 1, 2...months! Agh! Embarrassing! In my defense, I discovered Facebook. Yeah, yeah, I know a lot of you can do both. It is definitely a struggle. I definitely feel torn, daily, to divide my time between FB and blogging (not to mention family, work, soccer, baseball, yada yada yada). I have not ever, really, blogged everyday, but I don't think I have ever gone THIS long since I started.....

I have decided that I like the blogging to feed my underdeveloped, creative gene and that I enjoy the connection and being fed my need to stay that way through FB. Still trying to decide if I want to connect the two. Time will tell.

Until I decide, I found another blog to stalk...oops, I meant follow. at a very safe distance. at least two blogs can check out what I mean here.

I'll be better about checking in....promise.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


FUUURRRR REAL!!!! It's my own fault. I was taking the easy way out....ummm, yeah, lesson learned....who knew?(and Carrie if you say you knew, I don't want to hear it!)

See, I had just come off of Christmas baking and we have finally eaten (mostly by the kids) all the sugar cookies that I made and decorated and kept frozen so we didn't eatthemallinonesitting...soo I was trying to think of someway to re-load the cookie jar with cute Valentine cookies on the "easy" without go to Eddies and spending $4.50 per cookie. Are you with me? Enter: Pillsbury Dough Boy. I bought a this package and it said it made 24 sugar cookies with these cute little work required by me. Hmmm (tapped forehead like Pooh Bear; think, think, think) So I thought, two birds with one stone; cute edible kitchen decoration that will be gone by V-day(keeps my freezer clear) and my kids will still think I am super MOM and none the wiser to my laziness.

Oh Wow! just look at these pictures! That is all 24 cookies, that's 2 dozen and they don't even fill my modest cookie jar halfwaya! I thought, no way, I must have counted wrong, umm, nope. There you see it, all 24 cookies and my shame....And the kids didn't care for them. Really, angst. My sugaraholic husband didn't even try one. Albeit, they have zero chocolate, but they are sugar cookies! Really. A HUGE VALENTINE FLOP.

By the way if you want to see real Valentine Cookies and go sister is amazing.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Huh. It Will Break....

So. I was trying to fumble through making my first cup of coffee for the day when my hands decided to get in the way. Yep. My numb hand is definitely a nuisance. Numbness is not conducive to a sleepy, half awake, trying to get her morning jump started with coffee, mom. Enter; me. I really was trying to be careful, making sure that I was putting the sugar, or in my house, the Splenda bowl back on the second shelf of the cabinet cause that's where the kids can't reach it and break it.
Enter; granite counter top. Everything that is glass will break when it lands from the second shelf of the cabinets onto the granite counter top.

Lesson of the day, are you ready, can you see the light bulb over my head? Huh. It will break if it falls and lands on granite.....Wedding present gone....15 years later.... Huh.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Love This Giveaway

I have entered contests before to win something from this same designer....haven't won yet, but there is hope! I. Love. This. Stuff....especially the itty bit heart necklace and the teeny tiny initials cute....go here to enter and to check out her fab stuff! You won't be disappointed!

btw: Tracy's blog is always great and inspiring! Love it... I check it daily, Thanks Tracy! B:)