Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So it has been nearly a year since I posted that I was going to post more often. Yep, I failed. Life happened and I am guilty of letting it. So here goes the long story short....Grace played soccer in the fall and the winter and the spring. I coached her. Logan played soccer in the fall and baseball in the spring and I tried to be a spectator (operative word is "try"). Stay with me here. There was also the feat of getting Grace through the sixth grade, with all it's trials and tribulations, and there were many. Academically, she was challenged, but with hard work and me in her ear, she prevailed! (I knew she would! Way to go kid!) Logan made it through third grade with a great academic year even with his cousin/best bud in the same class! So glad they were able to experience that together, I would have loved to had a cousin go to the same school and same grade with me.....but enough about me. He is my social butterfly and I know he gets that from me. :) Greg has been working hard as ever and I continue to work as well. I haven't done any of the thrifty shopping that I love and now all my time goes to whatever the kids are doing....sounds so much like my kids run my life, but I assure you they have boundaries that they know they can't cross with mom, but they will surely try with dad! LOL!!

Summer is busy as well - soccer camps, baseball camps, friends and vacations....so stay tuned and I will do my best to be back before next year! B:)