Monday, August 31, 2009

On My Own

I am so excited to get to participate in Rhoda's Thrifty Treasure's. (I don't know if I am linking correctly - we will see if she has to delete me!) See, I have been involved in moving and packing, moving and unpacking a.l.l. summer long! Uhg! But we are moved and the kids are back in school and healthy, and all is well....(I am knocking on wood here).

Anyway, I had to fly solo when I went treasure huntingn on sister was busy, my mom was busy and my aunt...well yeah, she was busy too...but I was going through withdrawals and need to, I went...alone...all by can sing that one if you want...I do. BUT, LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!

Ok this sewing table, mind you I have been stalking blog land for sewing tables, $20. I have seen them online for as much as 99.99 - yep, just about peeeeeeed I was so happy. :)

This (still in the plastic) canvas that measure 36x40 (My sister and I have a special project in mind for canvas') $5, oh yeah, come to mama....very happy cause when I talked to the seller she wanted $10, I said I would think about it and she immediately dropped it to $5...oh yeah, come to mama!

Sorry about the pic on this, I tried to fix it, but....Anyway I loved this purse ($1). It was at an estate sale that the poor guy was trying to empty his mom's house and the tears were just streaming down his face...won't forget that....

Loved this Pier One vase - everyone needs a little POP of RED. $2, Scrolly Shelf $2 (thought that was a little pricey but I have the perfect spot for it and I knew it as soon as I saw it. And then in the background is a little "gold leaf." And I have a project for that too! (.50)

Cute Cute Cute - both $3 - did I mention that they are Cauuutte

Now these have a little bit of history (although it doesn't involve me). The seller wanted $10 for the big one and $5 for the little one, I asked if she would take $10 for both and she said $12, I said sold and then she told me that she got them when she was in HOLLAND on a foreign exchange program....who knew? But they look fabulous on my huge porch! A little bit of history never hurt anyone, eh?

What do you think? How did I do? Let me know? Missed my peeps, but thought I did ok....On My Own. B:)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Parties - Just Because

So I know I have missed some blog parties this week, but I have been busy trying to ge the kids back to school and then deal with one of them coming down with the flu...yeah, the first day of school...kinda stinks. For both of us. Anyway - as promised, here are some pics of the house. Of course more will come, but you get the idea...
Guest Bathroom

Need to get a bigger mantle, don't ya think?

This kitchen window will be great for the herb garden I have planned in my head!

Coming down the stairs, this is the look into the dining room

The Master Tub - this is before we moved in.

The Dining Room - before we moved in

The Kitchen (sorry not a great pic), before we moved in

The Porch

The House

Our home is in the process of morphing. We are having it painted as I type. So those pics will come later, but it has great "bones" and we are so happy to have moved and have all this space...What do ya'll think?

Monday, August 10, 2009


To anyone who is interested (cause I have said this before), I LOATHE PACKING....but for whatever reason, I don't mind UNpacking. That was, until I realized, it was going to take me 7 years! Yeah. I have way too much stuff. I have already sent 6 HUGE boxes to Goodwill, but not before I called my sister, my aunt and my mom over to go through it for their shopping pleasure.
My husband is trying to be patient, cause, you see, my boxes are all in the garage (the manly domain) still and I am slowly making some headway. But every time I feel a sense of accomplishment, there is still ANOTHER box...I am determined though, that by the end of this week my new home will be box free or at least marked for Goodwill.
So, about the new house.....LOVE IT. And I don't know what it is, but I can't wait for Christmas to decorate and enjoy the rain and cool weather on the porch!
I promise, I will post pictures with the next post....and it won't take me a month! LOL