Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bragging Rights

So, I am not into telling anyone what we have or how we got it. But I do, I guess, brag about my kids every once in a here I go again. Grace has turned into a phenomenal soccer player. She had two games yesterday and they were so intense and she really made herself part of the team and team as a whole were fabulous. They were passing, they were calling for the ball, they were helping each other with directions. So what makes all this soooo amazing? Number one, my daughter is quiet and pretty much reserved. She doesn't get aggressive or over excited about a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. Except when her brother turns the channel on the T.V. during Icarly. Also, making this a great thing is that all of these girls are 8 to 10 year olds. Amazing.
Now, let me rewind. About a year ago I didn't think she was going to play anymore. She has been playing since she was three and I thought....ok...let go of your Mia Hamm or Brandy Chastain dreams. I had come to terms with her not playing anymore and was a little heartbroken. Soccer was my sport. I played since I was 6 and just recently decided my knees and ankles can't take anymore. So I coach instead. Anyway - she came to me about 2 months after the end of our Fall season and told me she wanted to play in a Spring league....I almost fell on the floor. Without getting over excited, as I sometimes do, I said, "Sure honey, if that's what you want." Now, inside my heart is racing and I realize my dream for her is still alive.
Yesterday, she showed some incredible talent for moving the ball and connecting with her team, that again made my heart start racing and I couldn't contain my excitement. I got a little loud with my cheering and she gave me that "don't embarrass me" look. I calmed myself and even tried to stay seated in my chair. Didn't last long. But I tried.
Got up this morning and stalked my blogs and found that Stepford Dreams is considering putting her 17 month old in some kind of organized sports program and wanted to know if that put her in the crazy mom category for wanting that. So, I thought about it and put myself in check, asked myself if I am one of those crazy mom's that wants bragging rights and wants her kids to be phenoms at sports.....quietly, HECK YEAH!.....But it has to be what they want first....As long as I think like that, I am pretty sure they will do well.

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