Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Parties - Just Because

So I know I have missed some blog parties this week, but I have been busy trying to ge the kids back to school and then deal with one of them coming down with the flu...yeah, the first day of school...kinda stinks. For both of us. Anyway - as promised, here are some pics of the house. Of course more will come, but you get the idea...
Guest Bathroom

Need to get a bigger mantle, don't ya think?

This kitchen window will be great for the herb garden I have planned in my head!

Coming down the stairs, this is the look into the dining room

The Master Tub - this is before we moved in.

The Dining Room - before we moved in

The Kitchen (sorry not a great pic), before we moved in

The Porch

The House

Our home is in the process of morphing. We are having it painted as I type. So those pics will come later, but it has great "bones" and we are so happy to have moved and have all this space...What do ya'll think?


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Wow, you're hot, baby!


Lovin' the profile pic, sis!