Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Chaos is here!

Ok - so no photos yet.....I am getting there.....patience friends! Anyway, so I know I said I LOVE Christmas....well I wasn't fibbing! The hubby (aka Greggor) retrieved all of my Christmas stash from the attic and then proceeded to retrieve another 11 boxes that came from his grandmother's house! As soon as it was all down, he wanted to know when he could put all the empty boxes away! Yes - overwhelming, Yes - the kids wanted to do the tree first, Yes - Greg wanted to get it all done in a two hour time, Yes - I left and went to my mom's. But wait....I went there to turn her house into a Christmas wonderland! Which I love to do with my sister (aka....brat). I don't remember ever being able to decorate mom's house without Carrie being preggo??? Must just be my imagination! ;)

I thought I was in the mood this weekend to do all of this, until I felt so incredibly rushed....(again, here comes time flying). There has to be a way to slow down and enjoy celebrating Christ's birth right... Not that I don't like "hustle and bustle," I just don't feel that way right now....Any suggestions?

I am trying not to kick my husband out the door this week. And for those of you that don't know, my husband works out of town most of the week and the only reason that I am pushing him out the door today is so that he can, by some miracle, avoid the FOG that blankets the 99 corridor....of which he travels daily. No really. I'm totally serious, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

The kids are back to school this morning after being on Thanksgiving break. Of course in three, (count them) 3 weeks they will be off again for 2 weeks. Glad to send them back, even though we had an awesome week. There towards the end of they're break from school they were kind of melancholy knowing they were going back to school and, of course, once they got there and saw all of the friends that they somehow, amazingly, forgot they had, they were all smiles. Of course, we (the best parents ever (please note the sarcasim here) are pretty cool to hang with too....sometimes. Anyways, we got through vacation with only one child getting sick and I think that is a record. I am praying that for the next vacation coming (you know the one in 3 weeks, not that I am counting) we will have nothing but pure bliss.....stay tuned. :)


Brooke said...

I'm already have a playlist!
I'm with you about Christmas getting so busy that we forget the real reason. I'm very excited this year my aunt sent me advent calendars that focus on exactly that...remembering the true reason for Christmas...they're fun!

Carrie said... number two already? Watch out...we come from a highly addictive family. You will succumb to the every-day-blog-post at some point.

We all waited until AFTER vacation to get sick. I've got a cold...apparently Luke has ANOTHER ONE and I think Noah's nose is starting to run.

Oh, the joys of winter germs.