Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ok so Gracie had her end-of-the-season soccer party last night. A lot of fun, but imagine a birthday style party at Pump It Up....times 5. All the girls on her team (that would be 13 of them) plus their siblings and their parents....ok maybe a little chaos there.....but, again, fun! Now imagine during this time your husband calls you on your cell phone (yes, he is out of town, again) and tells you something about "fire....trailer....refrigerator." Does that raise any red flags for you? Well, yes, it did me too.....But when I tried to figure out what he was talking about, he of course got frustrated that I couldn't hear him and had to keep yelling into the phone "huh?" He hung up....

At that point I decided to try and figure it out on my own....was he stuck in traffic from a refrigerated tractor trailor catching on fire, or maybe he was behind a trailor with a refrigerator in the back and they were all waiting for the get the scenarios that were going through my head?

Anyway, the party was over in about 20 minutes and of course we had a 10 minute drive home and everyone needed to bathe, and by that time I had somewhat forgotten about the phone call and needed to let Logan do his nightly "reading" homework, so I was still a little time away from getting to get the real story. And at this point Greg had not called back yet. Now in my family, we have always been told, "No news is good news." I kinda have to live by that motto since he is out of town so often and as much as I didn't understand that when I was little, I completely understand it now....

So the teeth are brushed, the baths are done and the "reading" homework is complete too. Prayers are prayed and kisses given. Lights out.

I get online to place my grocery order (which by the way I cancelled cause they couldn't deliver it today and today is the only day I would be home long enough to accept delivery; drama) when the phone rings and it's Greg. So he doesn't mention the trailor, fire, refrigerator. We continue to have conversation about the party, the events from the day and the events to come for the rest of the week. As we are just about to get off the phone, I remember. "Oh, Hey, what's with the trailor, fire, refrigerator thing?"

This was just as anticlimactic for me as it is going to be for you. There might be a recall on our travel trailor's refrigerator that could lead to a fire hazard. That's all. So since my parents got one on their trailor and my brother got one for his too, Greg wanted to see if we got one. And of course he wanted to know at that very moment of the original phone call at the soccer party with 30 + screamin' kids and adults.

Ever have one of those "that's it" "that's all" "you made me panic for nothing" moments that left you with nothing to say but "huh?"


Carrie said...

LOL! That's like Nic needing to call me at least once every time I'm doing nails. And it's never something that couldn't have waited until I got home.

It's a cell-phone world and we're just livin' it.

Brooke said...

LOL! Nice. I'm pretty sure husbands are wired to talk about things at the most inconvenient times possible. : )

Beck said...

yes, well, I checked the mail. We got a recall notice too. hmmm.