Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Home Pics

So I am going to only show you pics of the outside until after we move in. I have pics of the inside but it is decorated by the current owner and not really my style. Besides, I am trying to keep you in suspense....Now just to let you know how perfect this is for us....we never looked at another house. In fact, we weren't even looking at this one, we were just driving and saw it was for sale and thought we might just take a look and voila! It's soon to be ours....escrow closes in 28 days.....not that I am counting....but I AM counting....I am sooooooo excited!!!!

So this is it. What do you think.....???? Can't wait to put my ideas that are crowding my head into our new home.....B:)


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
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Carrie said...

LOVE IT!!! I love the back yard! Awesome!

Can't wait to see the inside (and that better be before you post pictures of it!)

Shea said...

Love it! Where is it?

Beck said...

We are only 2 miles away from our current house....looks like the prairie doesn't it?

Carrie said...

Can I be Laura? You know...on Little House on the Prairie? She grew up to be a writer. Some day, I'll grow up and write, too.


Infarrantly Creative said... OMG I love it, love it, love it. I wanna help decorate...would you have me?

Beck said...

For sure! Carrie can be Laura, and Beckie can help decorate....see how easy that was? Ask and you shall receive....well, within MY reason! LOL....26 days and counting...:)

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

What do I think? It's soooooo nice! I love it! It's so open and I love that porch! Sooo jealous!

Thanks for Stoppin by my blog and takin the time to comment! Good luck with your move! You will have so much fun decorating that new gorgeous house of yours!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Well, I finally made it here to see your new home...and it's beautiful! Can you just imagine decorating it this Christmas! :-)