Thursday, June 25, 2009

Note to Self....

Ummm, yeah, when buying an existing home....are you listening? cause I sure could have used this advice about two weeks ago....make sure you have it written into the contract that the seller agrees to MAINTAIN the home until escrow closes....Yeah, we didn't do that and now, uhg. *sigh* We knew we were going to have some work to do on this new home, but now we have a ton! Deep breath....we can do it....other things may need to take a back burner, like; bloggin, playin, sleepin, eatin, workin....Oh wait, take that last one back, gotta work. Have to pay for the new house!! He he....anyway, all my previous homes (2) have been built from scratch so I haven't had to deall with anyone elses "dirt."
Wow, people can be dirty and have an Idon'tcarethatthisisyourdreamhome attitude, they still are not cleaning it. Note to self (and anyone else out there interested) get it in the contract.

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