Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Huh. It Will Break....

So. I was trying to fumble through making my first cup of coffee for the day when my hands decided to get in the way. Yep. My numb hand is definitely a nuisance. Numbness is not conducive to a sleepy, half awake, trying to get her morning jump started with coffee, mom. Enter; me. I really was trying to be careful, making sure that I was putting the sugar, or in my house, the Splenda bowl back on the second shelf of the cabinet cause that's where the kids can't reach it and break it.
Enter; granite counter top. Everything that is glass will break when it lands from the second shelf of the cabinets onto the granite counter top.

Lesson of the day, are you ready, can you see the light bulb over my head? Huh. It will break if it falls and lands on granite.....Wedding present gone....15 years later.... Huh.

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