Wednesday, February 10, 2010


FUUURRRR REAL!!!! It's my own fault. I was taking the easy way out....ummm, yeah, lesson learned....who knew?(and Carrie if you say you knew, I don't want to hear it!)

See, I had just come off of Christmas baking and we have finally eaten (mostly by the kids) all the sugar cookies that I made and decorated and kept frozen so we didn't eatthemallinonesitting...soo I was trying to think of someway to re-load the cookie jar with cute Valentine cookies on the "easy" without go to Eddies and spending $4.50 per cookie. Are you with me? Enter: Pillsbury Dough Boy. I bought a this package and it said it made 24 sugar cookies with these cute little work required by me. Hmmm (tapped forehead like Pooh Bear; think, think, think) So I thought, two birds with one stone; cute edible kitchen decoration that will be gone by V-day(keeps my freezer clear) and my kids will still think I am super MOM and none the wiser to my laziness.

Oh Wow! just look at these pictures! That is all 24 cookies, that's 2 dozen and they don't even fill my modest cookie jar halfwaya! I thought, no way, I must have counted wrong, umm, nope. There you see it, all 24 cookies and my shame....And the kids didn't care for them. Really, angst. My sugaraholic husband didn't even try one. Albeit, they have zero chocolate, but they are sugar cookies! Really. A HUGE VALENTINE FLOP.

By the way if you want to see real Valentine Cookies and go sister is amazing.

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Carrie said...

Ha! I love it!!! You should come make REAL cookies with me!