Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Just call me "RoadRunner!" and don't forget the "beep-beep!" Cause if you are in my way today you might get run over! J/K - I am only posting this cause my sister, aka Carrie, thinks that I would have time to post pictures on my blog today and then in some mysterious manner "tag" someone else to do the same. As if anyone reads my blog besides her. It really is my outlet. Whether, exciting, sad, funny, frustrating, or just plain dumb....I blog about it. Anyway, I digress, my day is over packed, yet again. Got the kids off to school and me off to work and I have to pick them up early from their "Good News Club" because Ginger has a vet appt at 3:30, mind you not to terribly crazy yet. Then I got the phone call last night that Logan starts baseball Seriously, thanks for the warning. Ok. No so bad. Oh wait, baseball practice is at 4:15, you do the math on my time frame to get the puppy to the vet and back in time to get Logan to baseball. Practice goes until 5:15. Here's the kicker. I have to get them (Grace, Logan and Ginger) home after baseball, feed them dinner, check their homework and take Ginger out to potty before I have to leave at 6pm to go to the "You are Changing" movie preview that the 4th grade girls are going to see next week and that I would in NO way allow Grace to see it before I have a chance to edit it or exnay it altogether, comprende? Ok you do the math and let me know if I have time to post a picture.....maybe tomorrow. Whew! :)

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