Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pure Sadness

Ok - I am sooooo sad right now. My computer that holds all and I mean all of my photos CRASHED! I know you all feel my pain right now. I am over a year behind on printing my digital photos and now ...... oh the drama. There is some light to look forward to.....My favorite brother in law is a computer genious and is going to do his best to try and retrieve them for me!:) But until then, I wait anxiously and completely blame myself because I don't know how many times I told myself that I was going to back up my photos on their own hard drive and didn't do it. Let alone print them out. This is totally what I get for putting my favorite, non selfish (cause it involves doing something for my family, yet releaves my stress levels at the same time), under rated hobby on the back burner of my life! If my favorite (no pressure here) brother in law can't retrieve them; pure sadness will ensue......:(


Carrie said...

LOL! Never mind that he's your ONLY brother-in-law!!!

If there's magic to be worked, rest assured, Nic will work it. Try not to think too much about it until Saturday!

Beck said...

Caught that, did ya? (kinda feel like Yoda when I talk like that!) Let me tell you, Saturday can't come soon enough for me! B;)

Brooke said...

well....did he fix it??????