Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Young at Heart

So let me just say.....I am young at heart and stupid in the head. My three day weekend alone with my Grace was great, don't get me wrong, but I did a really uncharacteristic, crazy, dumb, get your head out of the clouds,thing. I took her to Sierra Summit, put her in ski lessons and then took snowboarding lessons for myself.....now, tell me that wasn't crazy. I hurt everywhere. Sunday night I couldn't walk. Monday, I hobbled. Today, it hurts to grip a pecil and sign my name. Wow, I did the splits for the first time since High School. I have a bruises that I never felt coming. But......I had sooooo much fun! I laughed at myself and my Grace took to skiing like a fish takes to water. She was so amazing. Skiing circles around me when I was on the ground trying to catch my breath. She made it look soooo easy. Of course, she is 9, I am a lot older than that, but man was it fun. I highly recommend trying snowboarding....will I go back? For sure because my head doesn't communicate all that well with my heart and my heart tells me to do it again! Am I proud to be "young at heart?" .....Yep! Love it!


Shea said...

That sounds like the best day!

Carrie said...

wow...I am so impressed! I need Gracie to teach me to ski!


Carrie said...

By the way...if you find a pattern and fabric you like for both of you...pass it along my way!

Just give me ample time to do it!! So be looking!

Beck said...

YEAH!! Let me know the next you are out and we can look together. I have no idea what we are looking for! B:)