Monday, December 7, 2009


Hey all! Guess what got forecast? No. Really. Guess...SNOW! Now, to some of you that is not amazing, but to all of us Californians that live in the Valley know that this does not happen...ever...So imagine our excitement if you can, cause we generally have to drive about 2 hours, up the winding hills, get car sick and by that time, who really can enjoy it. Yes, it will melt as soon as is hits the ground, but we don't's SNOW!

I am especially excited, cause if it happens, my nephew Luke, will get his wish! He's too young to understand why we don't get snow here every winter and now this might confuse him even more, but I bet his eyes will be wide with the thrill of it!

Do you remember when you first saw snow?

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Carrie said...

I just love that Mom woke us up to see it....

I'm staying up until midnight just in case it happens tonight!