Monday, December 7, 2009

your wish is my command

Some of you have requested pics of "the house" and I am not one to dissappoint! So. Your wish is my command....this is the outside after (maybe during) we painted it from yellow to Dolphin it's not purple. Don't laugh Carrie. We put on shutters (black ones) and I can't find the pics of that...but guess what? when I do, I'll post 'em! How's that for gratification!!

The kitchen (yes that is a crock pot and it is in use, do believe it's a tri-tip-soon-soon-to-be-burritos), the living room, and the dining room (the rug is not pink, don't know why it looks like that in pics). So there you go...little by little decorating and living, decorating and living. It's been 5 months. It looks a lot more "cluttered" with the Christmas decorations in place...I'll post those pics later! ;)

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