Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Mommy's Great Sadness

***SIGH*** Ok so this really broke my heart today. It was definitely tough to take.
Here goes. We had just gotten home from school and had not even closed the garage door, had not even piled out of the car yet when I hear the familiar voice of one of the neighborhood boys calling for Logan. We'll call him Kid1. He wanted to come in and play with Logan. I was in a pretty good mood (read: was) so I said sure. Now this happens with Kid1 alot. He comes over helps Logan eat the house out of all the snacks and usually stays for dinner. I don't really have a problem with this, I remember being a latch key kid. But maybe a visual aide will help you all realize the kind of person I am dealing with. How does Eddie Haskell help? Well, I am no June Cleaver, but I try. Anyway, I digress.
They play the Wii, Kid1 gets bored; they play guitars, Kid1 gets bored; they play in the backyard and I have them let the dogs out of the dog run so they could play and guess what? Kid1 decides he doesn't want to play outside anymore. They come in and start chasing, teasing and generally irritating my puppy. Well, she is naturally going to nip at their heals when they are running around my house wanting her to chase them. Kid1 decides my puppy is mean and starts yelling at her to stop biting him, all the while he is laughing and still running from her. Hmmm. Que mom. "Leave my dog alone. Now."
So the boys decide they want to go play in the front yard. Sure, no problem. I tell Logan to stay out front and not to go into Kid1's house. His parents were not home. "Yes, mom."
Enter Kid2, another neighborhood kid from the cul de sac. He knocks on the door and in the most polite manner (Eddie Haskell #2) asks for Kid1. I said both the boys were headed out the garage and he said "Cool, thank you."
Ahhhh, Grace and I have peace......2 minutes that's all I needed. The garage door opens, Logan comes back in and closes the door very quietly. I think he was trying to sneak back in so I wouldn't notice. But of course, with my keen sense of hearing there was no sneaking. So I asked him what was wrong and he said they were going into Kid2's house and that he wasn't invited.
This is not the first time that they have done this to Logan. He is always so eager to play with them and sometimes he will even risk getting in trouble to play with them. If they want a snack they send him home to get one or he can't play with them. He gives them sodas when Greg and I aren't looking or they won't play with him. When he starts beating them at basketball....they decide that he isn't good enough to play and make him sit out. And he takes it. He just wants to play and if that means being patient with them and waiting until they are ready for him, that's what he does. Totally pisses me off.
I want to go down to the cul de sac and rip their moms out of their e z chairs and say "what the heck" "pay attention" " your boys are tyrants" "do they get treated that way" So I thell Logan that it will be a long while before they are welcome at our house. All I got from him was and downward glance and a "yes, mom." Broke my heart. Hugged him and told him I was not mad at him and that he has a lot of friends that aren't mean to him and that we will have some other friends come and play this weekend. Another "yes, mom" is all I got. *sniff*
I mean come on, they are learning this somewhere. I called a friend who lives down in the cul de sac and she said Kid2 used to do the same thing to Kid1. So what gives? Logan does not deserve it.
Makes me crazy and fills my heart with sadness for my sweet, trusting, has his own faults, little man. ***sniff***


Carrie said...

Um...I would go talk to Kid1 and Kid2's mom and let them know what their kids are doing. Maybe they don't know and would be just as appalled at their kids behaviors as you are hurt over it.

Beck said...

yeah - I would do that, but.....I am ok with Logan taking the initiative to distance himself from them. He is doing a pretty good job of it right now. We'll see how the summer goes.

Carrie said...

I still think he can distance himself (with your help) and their moms can know. You can't correct a problem you don't know is happening and maybe, then, maybe....they'll end up being better friends to Logan when/if the distance becomes closer.

Brooke said...

I'm so sad for you! I can't imagine what that's going to feel like...although I'm praying for a little of that for Lilly right now since she thinks she's the greatest thing since sliced bread...but I think when it actually happens...they'll be a lot of *sniffs* over can be so tough!